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New social and personal dynamics are being created every day because of wireless. This book attempts to examine the practical exploitation of wireless networking. The projects here will help you get an understanding of the driving force behind the revolution...
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Visit these useful links referenced in the book:

http://tiger.census.gov/cgi-bin/mapbrowse-tbl - Tiger map server lists existing transmitter sites in the U.S.
www.teletronics.com/tii/documents/Antennas/2.4%20GHz/Antennas_Omni.pdf - Antenna specifications and wind-load
www.saunalahti.fi/elepal/antennie.html - Instructions to build your own antennas
www.timesmicrowave.com/cgi-bin/calculate.pl - Cable loss calculator
www.marcspages.co.uk/tech/antgain.htm - Antenna gain article
www.wireless.per.nl:202/multimed/cdrom97/pathloss.htm - More information on path loss
www.olotwireless.net/castella/radio.htm - Radio theory and link planning calculator
http://home.deds.nl/~pa0hoo/connectortypes/index.html - More on connectors and cabling
www.ask-wi.com - Online store for the “Go/NoGo Tester”
www.olotwireless.net/castella/radio.htm - Radio theory and link planning calculator

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